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Heavy Duty Pressure Plate Bolt Kit

Heavy Duty Pressure Plate Bolt Kit

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  • Model: MCHT-411


The ORIGINAL Toyota Rock Crawling Clutch Company is happy to offer this great addition to our Outstanding Clutch Line-up: Heavy Duty Pressure Plate Bolt Kit.

Marlin designed the original Rock Crawling clutch back in the 1990s, and we have been selling Heavy Duty Clutch Kits since then with extremely great success!

We decided that since we are the first to bring speciality Toyota Rock Crawling Clutches to the market, why not also be the first to offer a Special Rock Crawling Heavy Duty Pressure Plate Bolt Kit?

This kit replaces your stock Grade-5 bolts with stronger Grade-8.8 bolts. These Grade-8.8 bolts will provide nearly a 25% increase in shear loading than the factory Grade-5 bolts!

We recommend placing a touch of oil on the threads and torque the bolts to 20 ft-lbs during installation.