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2.7-liter I4 drivetrains, Automatic

2.7-liter I4 drivetrains, Automatic

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  • Model: MCTC-131A


This is the World's First Gear Drive T/Case Adapter Kit for 2.7-liter 3RZ-FE equipped Tacoma & 4Runner trucks with an A340F 4-speed automatic transmissions!

Using our high quality USA-Made USA-Billet Aluminum, this adapter kit allows you to bolt a Toyota RF1A Gear Drive Transfer case behind your 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. This opens the door for you to use our strong Total-Splineâ„¢ 2.28:1 TacoBoxâ„¢ or Total-Splineâ„¢ 4.70:1 TacoBox Supremeâ„¢ Dual Case Products in your truck. This takes you to a Crawl Ratio of 79:1 with stock diff gears or as low as 210:1 with 5.29:1 diff gears. In the Automatic world this translates to a Crawl Ratio of two to four times slower than the typical Marlin Crawler equipped 5-speed setup.

This is seriously no joke! If you really want to Crawl, then go with the inventor and originator of Toyota 2.7-liter 4cyl, or as our very own BigMike calls it, "Big Block 4-cylinder" Rock Crawling, Marlin Crawler!

We have designed our kit for use with a 23-spline gear drive transfer case input, such as our Total-Splineâ„¢ input for the strongest 2005+ setup on the market, period.

Top-shift style transfer case or Crawl Box required. Includes our MarGasket, our Heavy Duty EcoSealâ„¢ transmission output seal, and high quality OEM JIS Japanese mounting hardware.

Note: This kit can also fit 2.4-liter 2RZ-FE trucks that been converted to 4WD using 2.7-liter transmission and t/case!

1995-2004 2.7L Tacoma
1995-2004 2.7L 4Runner