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4.0-liter V6 drivetrains, Manual

4.0-liter V6 drivetrains, Manual

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  • Model: MCTC-134M


This is the World's First Gear Drive T/Case Adapter Kit for 4.0-liter 1GR-FE equipped Tacoma, 4Runner, and FJ Cruiser trucks with a manual transmissions!

Using our high quality USA-Made USA-Billet Aluminum, this adapter kit allows you to bolt a Toyota RF1A Gear Drive Transfer case behind your automatic transmission. This opens the door for you to use our strong Total-Spline 2.28:1 TacoBox or Total-Spline 4.70:1 TacoBox Supreme Dual Case Products in your truck. This takes you to a Crawl Ratio of 79:1 with stock diff gears or as low as 210:1 with 5.29:1 diff gears. In the Automatic world this translates to a Crawl Ratio of two to four times slower than the typical Marlin Crawler equipped 5-speed setup.

This is seriously no joke! If you really want to Crawl, then go with the inventor and originator of Tacoma, FJ Cruiser, and 4Runner Rock Crawling, Marlin Crawler!

We have designed our kit for use with a 23-spline gear drive transfer case input, such as our Total-Spline input for the strongest 2005+ setup on the market, period.

Top-shift style transfer case or Crawl Box required. Includes our MarGasket, our Heavy Duty EcoSeal transmission output seal, and high quality OEM JIS Japanese mounting hardware.

2002-15 4-liter 4Runner
2005-14 4-liter FJ C
2005-15 4-liter Tacoma