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4.70:1 23 Spline Competition Chromoly Gear Kit

4.70:1 23 Spline Competition Chromoly Gear Kit

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  • Model: MCTC-11123C


Introducing the Marlin Crawler Competition Series 4320 Chromoly 4.70:1 Gear Kit for your 1979-1997 Toyota gear drive transfer case.

These new gears are made with one thing in mind: Pure raw unbridled strength.
These babies feature our unbeatable and overwhelmingly successful Total-Spline input technology. Proper 4320 Chromoly material is used to develop the strongest aftermarket Toyota gear drive gear set in the history of mankind!

4.70:1 Competition Kit includes:
1 Chromoly Total-Spline Input Gear
1 Chromoly Low Speed Gear
1 Chromoly Counter shaft
1 Japanese Input bearing
1 Japanese Counter shaft bearing
1 Full Toyota gasket and seal kit
1 Margasket special-fit front gasket
1 Heavy Duty EcoSeal t/case output seal
1 Heavy Duty EcoSeal transmission output seal

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