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High Performance Vented Rotor Set

High Performance Vented Rotor Set

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  • Model: MCBR-1223


This is our popular High Performance Brake Rotor Set! They have the same dimensions as our standard rotors, but feature cross-drilling and slotting of the rotor surface.

These rotors are a direct fit for FJ60 Land Cruisers and we use them on our 1982-85 Toyota Pickup/4Runner solid front axles in conjunction with our 1986-95 IFS calipers. Please click here

We run these on our personal trucks and highly recommend them!

Benefits over our Standard Rotors:

Consistent Feel: The slots dissipate gases between the rotor and the pad resulting in a consistent and predictable pedal throughout the life of the pads.
Combats Fade: The drilled holes increase disc ventilation resulting in more heat dissipation and a lower operating temperature.
Combats Warping: Because they dissipate heat so quickly, they have a higher tolerance to sudden rises in temperature which greatly reduces the chance of becoming warped.
Higher Performance: The drilling and slotting process removes 16% mass resulting in a lower moment of inertia for improved acceleration and reduced braking distances. They also lower the amount of unsprung weight for an improved ride.
Ideal for Off-Road: Continuously refreshes and cleans each brake pad to keep mud and dirt out of the way.

Sold as matching pairs only!