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90-degree ARB Solenoid Exhaust Fitting

90-degree ARB Solenoid Exhaust Fitting

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  • Model: MCDF-6564


Use this 90-degree ARB solenoid exhaust fitting to route a 5mm nylon air line to the outlet port of your ARB Air Compressor solenoid. This is great for those who want to use an oil catch can with their air solenoid to prevent oil vapors from spraying into their engine compartment or for those who mount their air compressors or solenoids inside their interior and want to route the exhaust gas outside.

Prevent oil spray from damaging your engine compartment or interior. This can also be used to "silence" your ARB Air Locker for those who don't like the pssshhhh sound or want to "hide" the use of their air locker.