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2" X 10" Non-Coil Shock

2" X 10" Non-Coil Shock

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  • Model: 5SR 006 00


Radflo 2" X 10" Remote Res 7/8" Rod, Non-Coil Shock

Features include:
Smooth Alloy SSID tube body.
Mirror Polished Nitro Steel Rod.
CNC Machined Teflon Coated Rod Guide.
Rebuildable Combination Quad-Ring Lip Seal.
Aluminum Fee-flow piston
Consumer or Factory tunable valve with self-adjusting velocity-sensitive disc.
High-temp foam resistance suspension fluid.
Nitrogen Gas, 200psi
Teflon Lined spherical steel bearings.
CNC Machined 6061 or 7075 black anodized aluminum end-caps.
Mirror Polished Clear Cadmium plated body with optional Chrome.
Consumer or Factory Serviceable.